York offers a large selection of styles and patterns to add the right look to any room. Browse the Candice Olson collection to add life to any kid’s room. Accent the paper or the border with the new hit Wall Charms. The ROOM Mates collection has easy to use decals that can be removed and reused. These decals are peel and stick and won’t harm the surface they are applied to. Great for renters who want to customize their space.

Blonder has made hanging and removing wallpaper easier with their new Easy-Walls and Easy-Match system. Easy-Walls is a pre-pasted, washable covering that is fully removable. When you are ready to change styles, simply grab a corner of the paper and pull. The face and backing come off all in one pull. Easy-Walls is also environmentally friendly. Blonder produces this vinyl free paper with water based inks. Because it contains no PVC or VOC’s, Easy-Walls inhibits mold and mildew growth. The Easy-Match system makes hanging a patterned paper easy. Each section of paper has wash away guides that allow you to simply match up patterns for that seamless look.

Warner Wall covering

Brewster Wall covering