Konecto is a floating floor that can be installed directly over a sub-floor, even on top of existing vinyl, or wood. The floor you will be covering must be smooth. Konecto is water proof making it great for below grade areas. With the aluminum oxide coating this vinyl is easy to clean and will resist most household chemicals (do not use vinegar). Konecto has planks that offer the appearnce of wood or squares that appear as tile. Each Konecto piece has adhesive edges that simply glue to each other forming a water tight bond. All that you need to cut the Konecto is a sharp utility knife. Simply score the cut line and snap the piece apart. This is great do-it-yourself flooring.


Stratamax and the upgrade Cushion Step can be installed as a floating floor or glued down. Most styles are available in either 6' or 12' widths. This vinyl has a soft cushion backing which makes it more comfortable to walk on. Stratamax and Cushion Step are great for pet owners and won't scratch easily. These are an easy, do-it-yourself, inexpensive fix up for a bath, kitchen, or even utility room.

ManningtonMannington Flooring

Glue down sheet vinyl is available in either 6' or 12' widths and has a variety of patterns to choose from. It is the less expensive vinyl available.